The next thing plants need is water. Like us, plants need to remain hydrated in order to thrive, and some plants need much more water than others. While it may seem convenient for us to keep to a schedule with watering our plants (once each week, for example), this could actually end up hurting your plants in the long run. Your plant will only use up the water it needs as it needs it, and may not have dried out well enough by your next watering! If you’re someone who likes routine, try to check your plants on a schedule, touching the soil to feel if it’s drying out. Only water if your plant needs it! Overwatering could kill your plant.

To avoid overwatering, ensure your pots have drainage holes. Keep your plants in their plastic nursery pots and place that into any decorative pots you may have so that you can simply tip out any excess water that pools in the bottom. You may find it more convenient to water your plants from the bottom, sitting them in a tray of water for around an hour so that they can soak up what they need, and then tipping out what they don’t.

Plants tend to grow slowly in winter, and therefore will want to be kept dry. From November up until the Spring Equinox in March, we advise you water your plants less, allowing them time to dry out as much as possible. Cacti in particular tend to go dormant in winter, so do not water them at all between November and March.

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