Our York based shop was founded in the summer of 2018. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength and are fondly referred to by the locals as York’s urban jungle. Botanic was the first dedicated houseplant shop in the north of England and over the years we’ve built a reputation for expert care advice, a welcoming, friendly vibe and the best houseplants in town!

Our team is delighted to share our plant passion and energy with customers locally and across the UK.

Proud to be independent

In the years since the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to develop and expand our product range and service capabilities and have recently introduced a blossoming portfolio of plant styling services as well as cost effective and flexible plant care and plant hire packages. We also provide fun, educational workshops on a range of topics, including but not limited to terrarium-making, needle felting, plant painting, general plant care Q&A sessions and talks by a range of local experts.

We collaborate whenever possible with other local independent businesses, artists and suppliers to give back to the community.  We also work with artists and suppliers from overseas to bring a design led oriental vibe to our range of pots, ceramics and candles.

Our passion

Our passion for plants stems from our commitment to people, and our deep belief that there is a plant for everyone, an inner green just waiting to be discovered. As we continue to grow new leaves and put down new roots, we work to inspire each area of our Botanic business with a thoughtfulness that invites others into a world of possibility. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a complete beginner, our expert staff are on hand to provide all the information you’ll need to help your plants thrive. 

Our philosophy

We believe that plants can be treasured and enjoyed for a lifetime, and we offer in-depth consultation and advice to help your plants thrive with you. Life as we know it could not exist without plants, and we’re committed to raising awareness of the benefits plants can have for our wellbeing and for the planet.

As you cultivate and care for your plants, you can nurture a sense of patience and mindful relaxation which you will carry with you in other parts of your life too! Caring for plants boosts focus, and simply being with plants and taking time to observe and appreciate them can lift your mood. As plant lovers, caring for nature is the core of our philosophy. We are constantly looking for green solutions and striving towards environmentally-conscious business practices. Botanic strikes the perfect balance between sustainability and luxury, and we’re here to help you bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Welcome to our world

Just like us, plants sometimes require a bit of TLC. Houseplants require patience and attention, and spending time nurturing your plants can help you cultivate mindfulness and appreciation for the beautiful world we live in. Caring for plants encourages us to care for ourselves and others, and even one or two plants in a room can have enormous benefits for our wellbeing – but why stop at just one or two? 

We welcome you to pop down to our shop on Walmgate in York for a taste of the indoor jungle experience, or browse our curated selection of lush houseplants online. Let us help you create a greener, more vibrant living space!

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