Whether you live in an apartment, work in a corporate office or feel overwhelmed at the thought of keeping a plant alive, we can provide help, advice and honest informed recommendations. We offer a range of plant styling options and plant care packages for private, independent and corporate clients. We can also provide hire packages for short term and seasonal requirements such as photoshoots, trade shows or property dressing to sell your house. 

Our custom offering for businesses and your home

Plant Curating & Styling

Plants for all spaces

Are you a business owner looking to greenify your space? Or a homeowner looking to decorate your new home? If so, we can help! Our comprehensive styling and care packages are curated to suit you! It goes beyond just delivering your plants (though we do that, too!). We will manage and advise on as much or as little of the process as you need… 

Our process begins with an initial visit, where our expert team will assess your space, understand your vision (if you have one), take into account lighting conditions, temperature and your styling preferences in order to choose the perfect plants to complement your interior.

We will help you choose plants that work and suit your space, our team can style and position your plants for you, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your decor to contribute to a positive, vibrant office, workspace, kitchen or whatever the space may be! Whether it’s air purifying you’re after, a minimalist look or a jungle feel, we’re here to help and advise on the perfect greenery for you!

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Plant Care / Maintenance

Plant Care Packages

Relax and enjoy the greenery - with none of the hassle! Our staff are able to conduct weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly visits, tending to each plant with expertise and insight. Watering, feeding, pruning, repotting and treating any pests or disease that may appear are all included within our plant care packages, and we’re happy to work out a time for our visits that will suit you!

With our detailed monthly spreadsheets, we’ll keep you informed about the growth and condition of your plants, highlighting any potential issues. By keeping track of any changes in your plants, we can be proactive in administering any necessary treatments to keep them healthy and looking beautiful!

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Hire packages

Plant Hire

Our hire packages provide a cost-effective way to benefit from living plants in your home, workplace, wedding, trade show, photoshoot and more! If you only need your plants for a limited time, want the luxury of fresh replacements or simply plan to hand them back when you're done, our hassle-free, all-inclusive packages could be your answer! Our team will work with you to understand your vision, budget and timeframes to create a tailored selection of plants in hand-picked to suit your needs! For more information please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Corporate Gifting / Weddings

Personalised Gifts

Would you like to thank your team this year with something a little different? Have you got a wedding coming up and would you like to thank your guests with something they will absolutely love? We can work with you to create the ideal gift with a personalised message! Chat to us to find out more...

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Discover our tailored plant care solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a personalised quote and services.

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